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Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

Empowering Your Hair Business!

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by Xiaofan Ma 21 Jun 2019 0 Comments

Are you eager to start your own hair extension business? When you try to figure out how to sell hair extensions, you are so excited that you are willing to do anything to make your hair stand out.

However,  If you’re new to the world of the Hair Extension Business, you need all the tips you can get to stay ahead of the competition.I hope this article will help make things a little easier for you guys when trying to figure out how much hair to start off with!


#1 Find a trustworthy hair wholesale vendor

Figuring out how to start a hair business is a lot easier when you work with a professional team.

Now many hair wholesale vendors on the market but you need to find the one you trust,and you can act as your business partner, it doesn’t need to be a big company, find the one match up with your own business and you can trust them. We can’t tell you which one is good but below things are what bad vendors do:

1.Brag their hair is 10/11/12 A grade, trust me all grade hair available is made by the suppliers themselves,they just want to make their brand more competitive and win in the fierce competition,Even some hair experts can not tell you how to define the grade ,so there is no standard to define the hair grade, Specially when you order from different vendors,the 12A just looks better on numbers ,but actually means nothing.

2.Tell you their hair is cheap. Always remember the good quality costs money, if someone gives you an extremely low price, you have to double think about it !

3.Compromise on quality. Trying to convenience you sell lower quality hair means they can earn more money for lower quality than higher quality.

4.Give you big discount and lot of gift. Remember that you are paying all the gifts and discount always goes together with quality compromise.



#2 – Great Marketing

After finding a good hair vendor, this is the second most important step when working on how to start a hair business.


The only way people will know that your business exists is if you have a great marketing.


You should have a clear mind before you start the business, ask yourself a question first, I want to sell it online or offline?


If you are salon owner or a stylist, your current customer is your best potential customer. If you plan to sale online, Create An Online Store, and use the social media like facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Instagram to promote your need to prepare some pictures, if you don’t have good pictures, you can always ask help from your hair vendor, most of them have this service.Or you can shoot by yourself if you are good at the photograph.


As a wholesale hair vendor, WE would like to help you build or improve your business, if you have any other questions or need our wholesale hair price, please check our hair wholesale page, or you can follow us on:








#3 – Branding & Packaging

In a world that revolves around brands, it’s important to determine how your business will stand out. Packaging and branding help build a concise brand personality, attract new customers and keep loyal customers.


When you ship out your hair to your customer, your package is your form of free advertising. Your customer’s friends may see the box when its getting delivered it may be visible and getting your brand out here means doing all you can to attract potential clients.


A poorly designed box may not make a difference to a client who has already bought your product. But remember, everyone is social, and the reason they are buying your product is that they want to look good when they go out. Nobody ever bought hair extensions and stayed at home. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, and this means to flaunt your brand. If you think that this is another headache to tackle, this is we can step in and help you.

A Branded Bags

B Custom lable

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